Badock’s Wood Curriculum Statement



  • To provide the children of Badock’s Wood EACT Academy with a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that inspires learning. 
  • To ensure both school and E-ACT values underpin all that we do in developing our curriculum  
  • To promote the E-ACT passport objectives through the learning opportunities created within the curriculum  
  • To ensure that our curriculum offer provides our children with a wealth of experiences and opportunities to develop knowledge and skills for their future life choices.  
  • To develop children’s enthusiasm to learn and become lifelong learners.  
  • To remove significant barriers to learning to enable all pupils to reach their potential, no matter their starting point  
  • To ensure a cross curricular approach both inspires and engages children to write well whilst learning key knowledge and skills about the topic.  



  • Significant positive changes within the academy have been made to the curriculum to ensure progression across each phase.  These have ensured that strategies for teaching reading, writing, mathematics and Topic are consistent across the whole school. The school focuses on reading skills in reading lessons, Talk for Writing to develop our children into confident and able writers and Maths Mastery to ensure all children have a deeper understanding of the key skills. 
  • The launch of the new library and stock of new books, reading corners in classrooms and Topic books linked to the curriculum promotes a love of reading for pleasure throughout the academy. This is further enhanced by weekly class book prizes and termly celebration awards for children who have read daily at home with parents, carers and other family members. 
  • Regular across phase reading events are timetabled to promote a love of reading from all ages. Parents are regularly invited in to the academy for special reading events which include weekly ‘Stay and Read’ mornings, Bed Time story evenings and reading lesson drop ins. 
  • Significant changes have been made to the wider curriculum. These have ensured that developments in all foundation subjects are consistent across the school and that there is cross curricular learning opportunities where appropriate. 
  • Curriculum Topic maps and knowledge organisers are used to ensure that children have access to relevant information. Lessons can then focus on skills and understanding.  
  • Creating links with parents through Termly Topic projects create a shared working partnership between home and school. 
  • Promoting special wow days off timetable focusing on different curriculum areas and ensuring children have regular access to specialist provision, E.g. music, drama, art and sport, both inspire and deepen learning and shows the value placed on the wider curriculum.  
  • Our curriculum ensures children have regular opportunities to take part in learning beyond the classroom We consider camps, trips and visitors, drama workshops, choir, performances, STEM projects, wow events extremely important in developing children’s interests in the wider curriculum and world around them. 
  • Taking every opportunity to share our learning with the community, the academy welcomes regular lesson drop ins, subject specific parent workshops (phonics, reading, maths, writing, e-safety), weekly celebration assemblies promoting both school and E-ACT values through pupil awards, Early Years Healthy child/parent challenges, child written articles in the local magazine and celebrating end of topics with parent/child events. 



  • Current attendance is 93.8% and continuing to rise. This is a rise of 2% since becoming an E-ACT academy. Persistent absenteeism is also falling.  
  • Our pupils love coming to school and enjoy learning.  
  • Our data shows positive progress scores in all three core subjects at the end of KS2. A high percentage of our pupils achieve well at our academy. 
  • Pupils at Badock’s Wood Academy are engaged in their learning, like to talk about what they are learning and continue their learning beyond the classroom. 
  • Behaviour for learning is positive at our academy  
  • Lunchtime behaviour incidents have reduced due to positive engagement in play and games promoted by our sports coaches 
  • Through our broad, balanced and rich curriculum we ensure that Fundamental British Values and SMSC are becoming embedded. This takes place during our Jigsaw PSHE sessions, workshops and assemblies as well as being linked into other subjects through cross curricular learning. 
  • Our children are developing their knowledge and understanding of the rich, cultural heritage of modern Britain.   
  • Our parents are demonstrating a greater involvement in the school community and feedback from our community would support this view. 

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