Year One

Teachers and Learning Support Assistants

  • Beech class- Miss Waring
  • Sycamore Class – Mr Dunford
  • Year one LSA: Ms Oakley

Teaching and learning

In year one, the children will be transitioning away from play-based learning and beginning to work more independently at their tables.

Towards the end of year one, all children will take part in the national phonics screening check. We will be holding parents meetings during the year, where you can learn more about this.

We will cover a variety of exciting learning opportunities through our topics:

  • Term 1: Does Where I come from make me who I am?
  • Term 2: What Changes?
  • Term 3: The Bristol Docks.
  • Term 4: Is the weather the same across the UK?
  • Term 5: Is the Sky the Limit?
  • Term 6: Are all people in the UK from England?

Key Weekly Information

Please wear your P.E kit to school on a Wednesday.

You will receive a new homework sheet in their homework books at the start of term each term. The children should complete one of the boxes each week. They will also have spellings to complete ready for the spelling test each Friday. Homework will be given out on a Monday and should be brought back on a Friday. If you have any questions about the new homework system, please do not hesitate to ask Miss Waring or Mr Dunford.

Below you will find a link to the topic and science knowledge organiser for this term.

Year 1 Term 1 Science- Materials

Year 1 Term 1 – History Knowledge Organiser



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