Year Six

UKS2 Term 4 letter

Topic map year 5 and 6 Term 4

Teachers and Learning Support Assistants  

  • Elm class- Miss Bointon
  • Acer class- Miss Golden

Teaching and learning 

In May, Year 6 pupils take their SATS exams. These are national, statutory tests in which we assess Maths, Reading, Writing and ESPG (English, spelling, punctuation and grammar).

We will cover a variety of exciting learning opportunities through our topics:

  • Term 1: What brought the Edo people to the rainforests of Benin?
  • Term 2: Why was William Wilberforce important in Victorian Britain?
  • Term 3: Why is Pompeii a city of stone?
  • Term 4: What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?
  • Term 5: Should we build a hotel next to the Great Barrier Reef?
  • Term 6: How did the Mayans make chocolate?

Please click the link to discover what we will be learning throughout the year: CURRICULUM PLAN

Key Weekly Information

Please bring in your P.E kit on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday.

You should read with your child every day and sign in their reading record book. Children can also earn prizes and book rewards when you sign their ‘reading rewards sheet’ which is stuck in their reading record.

Weekly spellings, a Maths and an English task will be sent home on a Friday. This homework must be completed and returned by the following Thursday.


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