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Everyone here at Badock’s Wood has a duty of care to keep all our pupils safe. All staff adhere strictly to the Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2021) guidelines.

It is a priority for everyone at the academy and it is important that all pupils and concerned adults feel they can ask for help or raise a concern at anytime. We work in partnership with outside agencies and professionals for specialised support when needed.

Meet the safeguarding team

  • Jonathan Arthur – Designated safeguarding lead
  • Sophie Trenchard – Designated safeguarding lead and family liaison
  • Sam Kelly/Helen Robbins/Yazmine Jackson – Designated deputy safeguarding lead
  • Sam Dunford and Emma Cassell – Members of staff (safeguarding trained)
  • Owen Walters – E-ACT regional safeguarding lead.

Additional support is provided through our mini leads:

  • Prevent – Jonathan Arthur
  • Female Genital Mutilation – Sophie Trenchard
  • Child Sexual Exploitation – Sophie Trenchard
  • Children Missing in Education – Sophie Trenchard
  • Online Safety – Samuel Dunford
  • Equality – Ellie Hurley
  • Peer on Peer – Jonathan Arthur/Sam Kelly/ Sophie Trenchard
  • Young Carer – Pastoral Lead – Emma Cassell
  • LAC/PLAC – Yazmine Jackson
  • Single Point of Contact – Jonathan Arthur

Badock’s Wood Safeguarding Team 

Safeguarding is an integral part of everything we do. If you have any concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child, please speak to a member of our safeguarding team (above). Our safeguarding expectations are led by the guidance provided in the Keeping Children Safe in Education document. All staff have read and signed this agreement and it is prevalent in our safeguarding policies and practices. We also cover safeguarding topics and content through our e-safety e-sense curriculum. Please see the relevant documents below:


Safeguarding is defined as:

  • Protecting children from maltreatment.
  • Preventing impairment of children’s health or development.
  • Ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.
  • Taking action to enable all children have the best life chances.

We believe that:

  • All children/young people have the right to be/feel safe and be protected from harm;
  • Children/young people need support that matches their individual needs, including those who may have experienced abuse;
  • All children/young people have the right to speak freely and voice their values and beliefs;
  • All children/young people must be encouraged to respect each other’s values and
  •  support each other;
  • All children/young people have the right to be supported
    to meet their emotional, and social needs as well as their educational needs – a happy, healthy, sociable child/young person will achieve better educationally;
  • Schools can and do contribute to the prevention of abuse, victimisation, bullying, exploitation, extreme behaviours, discriminatory views and risk taking behaviours; and
  • All staff and visitors have an important role to play in safeguarding children and protecting them from abuse.

Staying Safe Online

NSPCC launches Share Aware campaign to help parents keep children safe online | Primary Times

We are in an ever growing technological environment and children are spending more time online than ever before. It is absolutely essential that our children understand how to stay safe online. The NSPCC website has some really useful and helping information to help you as parents and us, make sure that your children are safe when online. Please feel free to click on the link below:

NSPCC Online Safety Tips

Worried about relationships at home?

Please click here to find out more information and places of support.

Key Contacts

Police: 999 (Immediate risk)

First Response: 01179036444

Emergency Duty Team: 01454615165

Prevent: 01278647466/

NSPCC: 08005008000

ChildLine: 08001111

Safeguarding in Education Team (SET): 01179222710

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Domestic Abuse


Mental Health


Online Safety

CiC/Young Carers/Private Fostering

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