Arrangements for applications for places at Badock’s Wood E-ACT Academy will be made in accordance with the Bristol City Council’s coordinated admissions arrangements. You can find the BCC admission arrangements for 2020/2021 here.


  • Can be made online or by post, using Bristol City Councils’ Common Application Form
  • Applicants from outside Bristol will need to use their ‘home’ local authority application (LA) process. The academy will use the LA’s timetable for applications
  • The academy has 45 agreed places each year.

DFE Admissions Code


Admissions Policy


  • Information on admissions appeals can also be found on the Bristol City Council site.
  • The Department for Education’s appeals code can be found here.

All other Admissions

Vacancies may occur for any year group at any time. The academy operates a waiting list for each year group, based upon the over-subscription criteria detailed within the school’s Admissions Policy.

Admissions Policy

To discuss in-year admissions please contact the academy office.

In Year Application


Free School Meals

If you would like to find out if you are eligible for free school meals please click here.


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