At Badock’s Wood we want every child to achieve. We ensure quality first teaching, use a rigorous system of tracking the progress of all pupils and intervening when pupils need additional support in order to close any attainment gaps.

With a rich and diverse curriculum and a range of extra-curricular opportunities, we aim to foster the interests and talents of all our pupils.

As an academy, we strongly believe that a varied curriculum is the best way to engage and motivate all of our pupils. We do this by making links across the curriculum, creating wow opportunities and using expertise from the local community.

We want all of our pupils to develop a lifelong love of learning. We believe this is created through experiences, challenge, a desire to always get better and a journey to independence. We believe that the success of all our pupils comes from a shared vision from all members of the academy and the wider community and we aim to make links whenever we can to create a culture for learning and opportunities to thrive and grow.

Parental engagement and involvement in a child’s education is vital to the successful outcomes for children.  With this knowledge, we regularly invite parents into the academy to be part of their children’s learning journeys are share in their successes. Our associate governors (a team of children who lead and drive improvement at the academy) and school council meet weekly to feedback the views of children, develop new ideas for the school and talk about the key issues for making the school a better place for all.

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